End User Licensing Agreement Basic Commercial Font License

Stroketype Studio



By downloading and/or installing the font, you (“license holder”) agree to follow terms and conditions of this End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).




1. Commercial and Personal projects and gifts

You (“license holder”) can produce commercial and personal typographic projects and gifts.

Personal use is installing the font on your computer, and using it in programs for your own creations. A good example may be creating your own printable items with the fonts you’ve purchased, and displaying it in your own home or giving as a gift to a friend. No financial gain is involved in personal use.

Commercial use is defined as using the font for your financial gain. A good example of this may be selling a t-shirt design that you created using one of the fonts you licensed. You may sell finished products with the basic license.


2. Digital products

The license holder may create finished digital products for resale. This may include items like printable artwork, cards, and invitations. Digital products must NEVER include the font files themselves or an embedded version of the font which allows the item to be modified by the customer.


3. Logos/ Branding

The license holder can create logos and branded materials with my fonts. The final product must not include any font files transferred to the client. Should your client need use of the font itself to create their own marketing materials, please link them up with my website so that they may license the font for their own use. You may not provide the font files to them. In addition, other individuals have access to this font – it is never for a client’s exclusive use.

You are welcome to submit the logo you design for a trademark, if the logo itself contains other design elements like graphics or other fonts. Please be aware that others use the same font(s) and you may not be able to file a claim against another entity for using the same font.


4. Handmade and Physical products to sell

You may create physical products for sale. Physical products may include things like t-shirt designs, jewelry, paper crafts & products, coffee mugs, and other decor.


5. POD  (Print on Demand)

You can use the font(s) to make finalized designs that are then turned over to Print on Demand services. The text must be uneditable; you may not include the font files for customization for websites that allow the upload of such items for further personalization.


6. Alphabet Products

No, this is prohibited under the basic license. Products like this may include metal stamp sets, alphabet stickers, SVG alphabets, .png alphabets, or any other related product in digital or physical form. If you have an idea that falls within this, please contact me for custom licensing.


7. Websites, Blogs, Banners, Social Media

You may use the fonts to create items for blogs, banners, and social media whether for personal or commercial use.

Please note that I do not offer webfont support – if you intend to use it as such, you should know how to install the webfont and use it. You do have permission to generate file types for webfont use if what you need is not contained within the folder already, but the generated files are for your own use. You may not upload the font to a website or user interface that allows access to the font itself.


8. Themes and Web Templates

While you are able to use the font on your own website, you may not use the font built into a website theme or template that is for resale. This requires extended licensing.

You can use the font in your own website. Building the font into web site themes and templates, for resale ( other than your own site ) , requires an Extended License.


9. Games, Apps, Software, Typography Apps & Related Software, Editable Templates or PDFs, Personalized or Customized Product Websites

Applications, games, and software require an extended license. Typography applications and related software that allows third party access to the fonts to create custom products, such as text overlaid on images, eGreetings, social media post customization, or related items require an extended license. Editable templates or PDFs, such as instant download invitations that are manipulated by the customer, require an extended license. Use in applications requires an extended license. Uneditable, static PDFs are permissible as finished products.

Websites that allow the customer to personalize text on products require an extended license.


10. Server Installation


Extended licensing is required for server installation. An extended license is required for each person with access to the server. Multi-user licensing is available.


11. TV, Broadcast


TV and Broadcast (Commercials, Video, Film, Podcasts, Webinars) refers to the use of the font in titles, credits, or other on-screen text. Extended licensing is required.


12. Third Party Resale or Licensing Transfer


All licenses are non-transferable.


You may NOT resell the font, full alphabet or partial alphabet.


13. Alterations or Modifications

You may not modify or create derivative works that are based on the font. You may not make modifications or alter the properties or functionality of the font file. You may not rename the font file. You may not claim the font, alphabet design, or any single character forms as your own.


14.  Distributing or sharing

My fonts may not be sublicensed, resold, or distributed by any license holder. You may not give the font away for free. You may not sell the fonts. You may not share it with friends or colleagues.

15. Additional Terms of Use

By downloading and/or installing the font, the license holder agrees to follow terms and conditions of this End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).

A Basic Commercial License is a Desktop License which includes one license per font. Desktop licenses are non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide licenses.

Each purchase is for a single user or “seat” on up to 3 of their own devices. Work computers are not included unless you work from home. A single “user” is one individual person.


© All files are copyright Rinaldo Hasibuan, Stroketype Studio.

Font software is copyrighted and contains intellectual property information protected by the laws of the United States of America, by the copyright and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties. All copyright and other rights belong to Rinaldo Hasibuan, Stroketype Studio. (“copyright holder”) This agreement does not give you the copyright to font software; only the rights to use the font as described in this license. Copyright holder reserves the right to terminate your license immediately if you fail to comply with any term of this agreement.

Rinaldo Hasibuan, Stroketype Studio shall not be  liable  for  any  direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages ( including damages from loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, projects damage or software damage) arising out of the  inability or  inexperience to use the product.

Copyright holder reserves the right to modify this document.

Extended and/or Custom Licensing may be available for applications that fall outside of the Basic Commercial License. One Extended License per project. Extended and Custom License prices may vary.